PFFI is a spokesman of the Polish food industry domestically and internationally

PFFI collects and analyses the needs and opinions of its member companies. It applies the principle of consulting the community concerned. It adopts and presents opinions on matters of importance for the food industry. It is actively involved in favour of the implementation of the measures stipulated by the firms. It strengthens the position of the food sector as a branch of the national economy. It acts for the improvement of the conditions for the operation of the firms. It takes care of the image of Polish industry abroad. It is a member of the CIAA – the Conference of Food and Drinks Industry in the EU as well as the IDACE - Association of the Food Industries for Particular Nutritional Uses of the European Union, where it presents the position of Poland.

A Reliable Partner
PFFI is an active party in the social and economic dialogue. Since its establishment it builds its authority on mature projects and professional activities. It makes use of the scientific achievements and opinions of experts. It reaches the highest levels of government authorities and public administration. It collaborates with the media of public communications. It edits and circulates its own publications. It influences decisions in the area of the food business: it issues opinions concerning the respective legal acts.

Assistance to Companies
PFFI considers each matter or issue reported to it by any member company on its merits. It advises the firms on choice of the appropriate intervention method. It facilitates contacts. It conducts information and training activities. It propagates best practice systems. It assures the members access to most up to date information concerning the law in the area of food economy.

On-line Consultations
PFFI applies the principle of consulting all of its members. Problems and materials are addressed to representatives of the companies and to people belonging to respective discussion groups. It uses the fast track of consulting: by telephone, fax, e-mail, ad hoc meetings. It opens on-line discussion groups. It informs about the results. In this way it develops opinions and position statements representative of the whole sector.

PFFI Monitor
PFFI guarantees the continuous flow of information concerning activities in progress in the country and abroad. It incessantly reviews the events directly concerning the member firms of the Association and the food industry. Every fortnight it publishes the “Monitor PFPŻ”, which it distributes directly to the companies and people belonging to the Union of Employers. It highlights the matters of importance for the given period, it presents new developments. It monitors the current functioning of the organisation, strengthening membership ties. PFFI also distributes bulletins and publications of its partner organisations.

PFFI Intranet
Thanks to the private internet site accessible only to its members, PFFI maintains in constant touch with its member companies and associations. The intranet enables them to access the archives of the Federation containing reports from meetings, texts of opinions and motions, draft legal acts and EU documents.

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